Liaoning launched a number of high gold content entrepreneurship support policies

China is currently the lack of innovation and cultivation mechanism, the innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy in the entrepreneurial project to open up the green channel, but also actively cultivate innovative talents. The establishment of various types of business incubation base and entrepreneurial service facilities, so that the pace of innovation and entrepreneurship in China continues to increase.

11 30, learned from the Liaoning provincial government, the provincial government office "on the development of the public record space for promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship implementation opinions" was issued before the day. Which proposed to build new public record space in Shenyang, Dalian; Zhongguancun to promote the implementation of 6 pilot innovation policy in the high-tech zone; support key industrial parks, incubators, the establishment of the introduction of angel investment fund; open "loan Easy Access" and a series of "gold high policy measures.

in the opinions clear in our province eight key tasks in promoting the public aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship, which is actively constructing the public record space, enhance innovation and entrepreneurship incubator services, encourage the establishment of innovative enterprises, strengthen the open sharing of scientific and technological resources and improve the innovation of service mode, the establishment of innovative financing mechanisms, create a good the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, increase financial guidance and support.

There are a lot of

interpretation of the provincial science and Technology Department to implement eight key task views, in the development of the public record space focuses on incremental expansion, upgrade the stock, make full use of the existing conditions, incubation and investment outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship, combining online and offline, and guide social forces to construct a group of investment promotion, training, counseling, media Extension professional services, creating incubators and other different types of market public record space. To improve the innovation service model, proposed by the government procurement law, intellectual property, finance, business consulting, inspection and certification, technology transfer services for business enterprise, and to establish business counseling system and deepen the reform of commercial system. In the increase of financial capital to guide and support efforts, put forward to give full play to the provincial industry (venture) investment guide fund guide, leveraging the role of attracting social capital to participate in the establishment of the industry (venture) investment funds, angel funds. Support key parks, incubators set up venture capital recommendation

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