YAHOO stripped Ali is planned

June 17th, according to Bloomberg reported that YAHOO aspects of the original plan will be stripped of Alibaba shares, the issue is currently being stripped.

it is understood, CEO Marisa · Meijer recently held in San Francisco science and technology conference, Bloomberg said, YAHOO Ali will not peel "temporary", affected by this, YAHOO shares rose 2.3% was the highest. In an interview, Meijer said, according to plan YAHOO will hold Ali shares allocated to the shareholders of YAHOO, and this plan will not be affected by any potential regulatory policy changes. For the previous tax policy changes, YAHOO also said that this change is not for YAHOO. read more

The total number of ORG domain names 163 thousand the first week of December to add 201

IDC network ( on December 18th reported: according to data, as of December 9, 2013, China’s.ORG domain name registration, a total of 163054, ranking sixth in the world, the first week of December the new 201. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the world’s.ORG domain name registration data.

  (Figure 1) TOP10 statistics of the total number of.Org domain names in the world (as of 2013-12-9)

according to figure 1, the total number of.ORG domain names in the top ten countries are: the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, China, Spain, Italy, Japan and Holland. read more

Daily topic to complete the 180 million B round of financing Huang Taiji to enter the takeaway indus

A5 ( station network October 10th news yesterday, the founder of Huang Taiji Chang he officially announced, Huang Taiji completed a total amount of 180 million yuan   the B round of financing, the current round of financing after nearly $250 million valuation.

for this round of financing, he Chang believes that since the beginning of the establishment of Huang Taiji, it has been the constant support of angel investors in the industry, the formal institutional fund-raising, this is the second time, that is, the official B round of financing. The capital of Huang Taiji, in the hope that the center of production and capacity two pieces of infrastructure investment, at the same time, Huang Taiji officially to the traditional food and beverage brands, innovative catering brand invitation, Huang Taiji willing to share its infrastructure, to expand the boutique takeaway trillion big cake. read more

Halfway began to learn to build get covered with injuries

      he was an economic.

      due to regular Internet access, will not play the game, not software, not hardware, it is easy to see a movie, with a mailbox, nothing to play on the QQ landlords.

      slowly not accustomed to the life without a single success, finally mind to learn the establishment, I don’t know why I don’t choose the other, see the computer, though not to the extent of obsession, but I prefer every day on the Internet around, so they do not know the immensity of heaven and earth do a website, buy a domain name, buy space, finished "think it over, I do not think the tip of the iceberg, what others say PHP, ASP, CMS, SEO, I don’t know, even" also spent a long time to do a good job. Meicici think they have how far, in the Internet to see people that is beautiful, can be called ", that is made out of their master, the logo are not decent. read more

The recruitment of a fiscal year loss of 150 million yuan performance miserable forced to leave CEO

August 25th, Zhaopin’s parent company announced in July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009 last year, its subsidiaries, namely investment in China market recruitment is still not able to produce a satisfactory answer. has Zhaopin 56.1% of the shares, earnings from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009, due to the recruitment of losses, had a $17 million 254 thousand loss after tax, so the calculation, Zhaopin itself loss reached about 30000000 Australian dollars, about 1.5 yuan rmb. Compared with the same period last year, seek’s $6 million 231 thousand in after tax losses (by the proportion of the proportion of 34.7%), this year’s increase in losses. read more

Google will pass the acquisition of domestic roaming browser

      yesterday, sources said, Google (Google) is independent research and development of web browsers, expanding its business areas. While China’s mobile browser may be incorporated into the browser strategy Google Corporation.

      it is understood that Google has recently hired a web browser with authority in the safety aspects of the Poland experts, and access to the domain, which shows that Google is considering to launch its own brand of web browser. In fact, Google Corporation CEO Eric · Schmidt had said that if you can bring benefits to users, Google will consider the introduction of such a browser. At present, many applications are based on the Google browser and, for example GoogleEarth Enterprise Edition mapping system recently launched an upgraded version of the first, let users display 2D web browsers (2D) geospatial data, as well as GoogleDocs, Google and Google table slides are based on Web page. read more

Fu Zhengjun denied 9158 as the beauty of the economy in the future force online medical

in the forest of giant fields and popular culture in the Internet, Fu Zhengjun the Internet industry veteran entrepreneurs rush in, with fellow Zhejiang Ma before the completion of the listing, has become a sample of grassroots Internet landing in the capital market.

July 9th at 9:30 in the morning, a suit gelv Columba interactive founder Fu Zhengjun and COO Mak well together, sounded the bell of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed. Show them behind the electronic screen, Columba interactive (01980.HK) the opening price of HK $5.99, 13.45% higher than the issue price of HK $5.28. read more

n the circle of friends working for Reveal its false appearance

WeChat, from the initial simple social tools, and now everyone will become a marketing tool. This gradual change, so that a lot of people happy to let a lot of people worry. Because this is a time when everyone is from the media. There are people who are not afraid of no transaction. The day before the launch of WeChat’s friends transfer function can be seen, WeChat is not only to Alipay launched a strong challenge, but the deeper we can see WeChat pay more attention to the "friends" between the exchange of money, a lot of people to start a business in WeChat inside the circle of friends, which also makes WeChat marketing unpopular with the circle of friends. How long this social circle business model innovation to survive? Tencent this is premeditated or unintentional? We do not know, but WeChat is really the king of marketing read more

Network marketing in the end where to start

has been thinking about a problem recently, we are talking about network marketing, professional Internet technology to the XX industry marketing ideas and planning, can not help but let some companies BOSS some vertigo. After contacting some of them, a problem, I can not help but think of a lot. Network marketing for us on the Internet technology ‘0 level’ of the enterprise where to start?

yes, for such enterprises, where to start? We must sure this enterprise has the enterprise information reform consciousness and determination, they also have to follow the development of the Internet era, making full use of new technology to do the sales process improvement. This is to be encouraged, as long as there is a sense of progress, I think technical knowledge is not a problem. We summarize the enterprise information construction, the implementation of network marketing strategy of the series of steps and experience in the process, the evaluation of the performance of the network marketing, the real impact of the effect of network marketing, planning is not perfect, the funds are not enough investment, but in the implementation of the planning process, the enterprise internal information link problems. read more

The core competence of content website

I’m not talking about content sites (ICP), but the content of the web site, there are too many sites, in fact, is the content of the site. While many originally pure functional sites (such as online RSS browser, for example, fanchon) because the function of not directly charge, also to the content of the website: output content, access road, the sale of advertising.

is about as many Web2.0 functional website is supposed to function started sake, to this day, in this cold topic had to face the income and to the advertising model when they are still obsessed with the power of technology. Donews’s Liu Ren wrote in July 2005 with the title of "live and dead web sites": "live websites are usually very rare. Programmers and designers led a pile of dead; website editor, editor in chief of the leading." Do not know whether it is intentional or unintentional, he just forgot the side of Hong Bo, the best editor in the circle of IT. read more

From Shenzhou car rental to attack Uber bad planning counting the challenge public line advertising

Abstract: Ogilvy founder David Ogilvy said, · advertising and marketing should be "with grace and sell products". The current marketing tools, demeanor has long been left behind, even the bottom line is difficult to stick.

titanium media note: today, China auto rental, a group of "Beat U! I was afraid of the dark car" the theme of the ad people scared out of his chin. Wu Xiubo, Hai Qing, Liu Shi, and many other celebrities involved in the poster vulgar vulgar language, the muzzle of the other car rental giant Uber, but also pointed to this emerging emerging shared economy model. read more

Why are now linked to the interactive marketing title

The word "

" is no stranger to all of us. Maybe this time when we go to school to listen more, when the teacher called us more interactive. Think about it, it is reasonable for us to go to school, when the teacher is able to understand our knowledge of how to master, what are not clear, so long need to focus on the explanation.

so for us now, we do this from the media, but also need to interact with us. So for us to do WeChat, what is the most important interaction?

first: Message auto reply read more

Tips for using electronic gifts to promote websites

know there are friends should know viral marketing on the network promotion methods, electronic gifts and viral marketing "virus" is actually a large range of automatic transmission, such as audio and video, pictures, documents, books and software etc.. Using electronic gifts to do free promotion is the way most of the small and medium-sized site owners and Taobao shop prefer to use.

electronic gifts is the biggest feature of the reproduction and transportation costs, can be used repeatedly, and the depth of marketing function is very powerful, to achieve the effect of free promotion. Once completed, copy is "production", through instant messaging tool or mail sent to the customer, when in use did not increase the cost, so it not only can be used for a long time, and you can choose to use a variety of electronic gifts combination. read more

Zhong Zhixin from eight aspects of the site design greatly enhance the conversion rate

most people go online to find the information they want, not to shop online. Those who are very clear in the online shopping, but also natural goods than three. After all, compare prices on the Internet, more convenient than in real life. Therefore, there is no direct causal relationship between traffic and sales volume. E-commerce sites have to work hard to improve the conversion rate, to guide the visitors to become target customers. This guide visitors to pay for the process is to be carefully planned, and can not let the visitors arbitrary, but also can not allow users to search for their own to overcome difficulties. So we have to transform the design site oriented, we need to pay attention to the following eight aspects: read more

Share network marketing with the webmaster experience

network marketing in the final analysis is a marketing tool, but it is the traditional marketing methods unparalleled special advantages, more and more favored by the majority of enterprises. Two years ago, they study and practice, make full use of the Internet "virtual host", trade BBS, mailing lists, search engines and other basic functions, the rapid release of enterprise product information, mining more customers for online marketing, "gold sand". Their main practices in this area are as follows. read more

Changes in the media environment corporate marketing how to do

in recent years, with the rapid development of new media, the traditional media will be eliminated "can be heard without end.

touch screen reading has not only changed the way of knowledge transmission, but also changed the way of life.

public opinion environment, the spread of profound changes in the way, bring more of a change in the way of thinking. Under the new media environment, consumer psychology and behavior gradually changed, the demand will change. At this point, the enterprise’s marketing strategy should also make timely changes. read more

How can not read Kawabata Yasunari to write copy

Kawabata Yasunari is such a writer, he can write 1 words you can not tell the mood of the 100. This is the highest level of copywriting.

backstage many readers are asking me, want to improve the copy should look at what book. I think it should be widely read, as long as you can read the book should be read. If you really want to recommend it, first look at Kawabata Yasunari’s work.

1968, he won the "Snow", "ancient capital", "1000 crane" three works won the Nobel prize for literature. This is not Langdexuming, his words like magic, can take you to the beautiful scene can not extricate themselves, can let you cry first in two words or three after laugh, a few words to write thousands of thoughts…… read more

Li Guoqing attacked Liu Qiangdong Jingdong neither strategic nor sensible

Li Guoqing attack Liu Qiangdong (Tencent science and technology drawing)


technology news (Le Tian) January 12th news, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing recently denounced the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong, bluntly there are problems with the 400 billion year expansion of ideas, the size of the clothing market is not to force, and for the 30 billion Dangdang book market, called the straight first listed shares China pure e-commerce play is good for Jingdong you.

Li Guoqing said, Dangdang listed excitement has not been, Jingdong began selling books, Dangdang Jingdong Book wars, leading directly to Dangdang’s gross profit margin from 25.5% to hit the 19.5%, lost a total of 6 points. "The whole market is very large, 3C and books in the share of online shopping is still very small, he felt to attack my book category, I do not know why. This is neither strategic nor sensible." read more

A year to build two electricity supplier Festival

music has a new "yaoezi": announced to give fans on the 919 day again with electric fans welfare pound rose from 800 million yuan to 1 billion yuan. Press conference, as the electricity supplier Festival floor platform as the mall, but also for the outside world announced the welfare of the festival, as well as the second half of the heavy launch of the red and blue strategy".

in addition to the huge benefits to make industry of raspberry, LETV 919 fans festival to start another meaning: adding 414 content of ecological electricity supplier Festival, LETV mall has become a global business industry only a year to build two business section of the Internet Co. read more

Electricity supplier website should pay more attention to the user experience

Baidu is paying more attention to the user experience of the website, the electricity supplier website is one of the most types of web user traffic, from a few old business sites can be seen, they have many things in common, and a good user experience is the most remarkable characteristic.

users through the Internet to buy goods, because of its relatively cheap, homes will be able to get the goods, to quickly search to a variety of items, and electricity supplier website to do is site is easy to use, if you visit the website to find the search box, search results out of the shoes, hats, shopping the process is not perfect, you must turn off the page and leave, let alone shopping. read more