The suning com 6 big attraction for vertical business

recently has begun a large-scale category expansion, red child is in the bag, where customers, Le bee, and purchase has contact with, is likely to enter the strategic level. After this round of acquisitions and cooperation, has been greatly expanded in baby clothes, beauty, shoes, bags and other categories of SKU, then is likely to be in the food, medicine, tourism and other fields, Home Furnishing, group purchase online auto supplies, open a new round of acquisitions or looking for Strategic partners. At present, for various types of vertical electric organic attractive. read more

The last sitting roller coaster cross border business is ushered in the 2017 first pot of gold

2017 Spring Festival approaching, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival is all not open around the topic. In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, the way to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival appeared new changes: business has become one of the most important shopping way. Among them, the cross-border electricity supplier with foreign special purchases for the Spring Festival has become a new consumption trend. The Spring Festival this year, there is Ali, Jingdong, NetEase, ocean terminal platforms such as collective war Festival special purchases for the Spring Festival which can be seen in 2017, cross-border electricity supplier in the field of competition will become more intense. read more

n the face of traditional retailers back to how to deal with Amazon

physical retailers have had enough time to deploy for the fight against online shopping. In the first week of 2012 black Friday, retail stores have been through the commission free booking shopping, the lowest price guarantee measures and other measures to compete with Amazon and other electricity providers.

has been trying to challenge the physical retailer Amazon, and now found themselves have been targeted as physical retailers targeted attack. "Amazon is experiencing more and more from the giant retailer challenge," Morningstar analyst RJ Hottovy told the Reuters said, "Amazon’s profit in the quarter has been much affected, I don’t want to see the Amazon digital fell sharply in the fourth quarter." read more

Talking about the development of mobile e commerce in China

with just the past 2012, we can foresee 2013 will also be a year of rapid development of mobile networks. With the development of mobile network, the development of mobile e-commerce is also a new opportunity that we can’t ignore. Many enterprises have spotted the mobile e-commerce this piece of cake, but whether the development of mobile e-commerce in China can Shun Feng Shui water? The author thinks otherwise, now mobile e-commerce at home and abroad are still trapped in the internal and external factors, the development so that the slowdown in the pace of development of domestic e-commerce. Below I will hinder the development of domestic mobile e-commerce several of their own and external factors to share their views. read more

Babe network once again won the most trusted maternal electricity supplier leading brand

November 24th, sponsored by the Sina channel 2016 Sina parenting parenting "future + home" annual festival held at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun was invited to attend the ceremony. With a good reputation and unremitting pursuit of quality, the leading brand electricity supplier maternal babe network in the festival once again won the "China trustworthy maternal electricity supplier leading brand".

the most influential awards ceremony is "2016 China trustworthy maternal electricity supplier brand", and the particularity of the maternal industry is directly related to whether consumer trends would change consumer pursuit of product quality and safety, can never change, trust is the most important attribute of maternal industry. Babe network since its inception in 2014, always adhere to provide professional and reliable products and services for users, is now the largest, the largest number of users, increase the vertical business platform is the fastest, daily active users has exceeded 2 million, more than about 50000000 users to win the love and identity. Babe network once again winning, once again reflects the identity of the user industry, babe network, is the best encouragement for Beibei online line since adhere to the idea of building a reliable and professional maternal ecology. read more

The son of Nicholas Tse the name of the domain name was registered name is called price million birt

August 2, 2007, Cecilia Cheung smooth delivery, to thank Tim son, the little guy from the moment Nicholas Tse has become the largest home baby. Until now, Lucas has to be a little old, many people want to know as the son Nicholas of one family to a pearl in the palm to ZhengYiRong what gift, what kind of birthday. However, yesterday called a "domain name sale" netizens want to China entertainment network in advance to the LUCUS to send a big birthday gift, the domain name registration in the name of Lucas, but the price of the gift is not ambiguous, registered to Nicholas Tse bid one million yuan. read more

He became the business of Tencent and concubines

does not have a company’s core competitiveness is completed by investment mergers and acquisitions. Tencent practice proved this truth, but unwilling to continue to seek proof.

announced yesterday after the investment Jingdong, Tencent announcement promised not to engage in a number of electricity supplier business. Yes, do not engage in, does not mean they can not invest. Count the Tencent for nearly 3 years of investment of the business enterprise and many, but the situation seems to be very bad. The inventory of the enterprise several kinds of representative, to satisfy you. read more

The huge benefits of incoming special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival glory small K three

Spring Festival is approaching, the glory of the war started, "2016 glory special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival" shock on the line. In addition to preferential purchase, children’s wearable products K will also benefit the glory of millions of children during the event, single stand by 50 yuan.

it is understood that the festival promotion platform involves special purchases for the Spring Festival HUAWEI Mall (, Jingdong (, Tmall mall, HUAWEI flagship store ( three platforms, from January 18th to 21 March -1, January 18th -1 month 20 days straight down 3 days, the price of 50 yuan. The evening of January 21st 20:00-22:00 night sales period will also be synchronized to the price of 50 yuan, the actual purchase price of 638 yuan. Also note that the fashion fan light luxury Chaopin glory Bracelet zero (including belt version) will be the price of 30369 yuan from the sale price. read more

Groupon will push Groupon online ordering service Reserve

Beijing time on July 1st evening news, Groupon announced on Monday that it will launch online restaurant reservation service Groupon Reserve, to provide users with a meal discount. Groupon traditional online coupon business is declining, the company is trying to raise revenue through new ways.

by Groupon Reserve, a booking engine users can use to order. Groupon initially launched the service in 10 cities in the United States, including New York, Losangeles, San Francisco and Washington dc. By the end of 2013, Groupon will continue to promote this business in the United States and abroad. read more

Full network by Groupon famous self hype

Groupon, CO funded by the Tencent and Yunfeng fund group purchase website has been officially launched a, although not officially opened but the discussion on the site has been rampant. Gaopeng launched on February 28th, and it was announced in March 1st afternoon, the site has more than 100 thousand registered.


before this, Gaopeng’s line, there are a lot of problems, but because of its two major cooperation, the former is the originator of group purchase website, rejected Google’s takeover, and the latter is one of the largest number of web users worldwide, has almost become Chinese users of Internet software necessary. The cooperation between the two, the appearance of this effect, but also some. read more

Micro survey Google can contribute to the composition of the social network fabric world

Tencent technology news July 18th news, after the release of Google+, Google market capitalization rose 20 billion. Google+ to sort out the information in different circles, one-way authentication relationship. Google+ is Facebook killer or Twitter killer along with the proliferation of real-time information, Google+ is an improved version of the Twitter Tencent technology to make micro survey, the following is part of the view.

Beck believes that G+ is more like a complex of 2, it is a good copy of the advantages of other social networks. He pointed out that Mike Elgan’s view is: Google+ of different social attributes just depends on what people say to you; it is open, a blog; on their own circle, is a push; for their customers, is a business letter; for a man, probably is a letter to my mother the letter. read more

Ali and postal cooperation Ma wants to build a strong logistics circle

recently, Ali and China post reached a cooperation, Ma is to build a strong logistics circle, logistics company Taobao online has been more complicated, such as: STO, daily express, rhyme delivery etc.. The electricity supplier has spawned the development of express industry, as the last step of the website, express great significance, because the company does not express dragons and fishes jumbled together to facilitate unified management and. And in many small courier companies, courier service quality is very poor, such as: the phenomenon of frequent damage to the parcel, courier service attitude is poor, these are the courier industry needs to enhance the part. read more

Brief discussion on the development process of orange Web

Shenyang Yellow Pages Information Technology Service Co. Ltd. was incorporated on January 2003, from its inception, the company has always been oriented to enterprises and institutions engaged in providing professional Internet service. The company’s main business has two parts: one is to provide enterprises from the website construction and maintenance, website promotion through-train service website construction, the other one is operating independently developed large B2B e-commerce platform for the exchange of information "page" orange and orange, the operation and development of the company as the most important. The long-term operation of the project. read more

Overseas purchasing this is smuggling customs No 56 was lying gun


] August 8th news billion state power network, the day before the General Administration of Customs issued "on cross-border e-commerce trade entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory issues notice" (2014 No. fifty-sixth). Interpretation of the media, the implementation of the new regulations, which means that before the purchase of a private or a friend to help the nature of overseas purchasing will be included in the scope of regulation, WeChat circle of friends, such as the purchase of non customs declaration or deemed smuggling. read more

Li Zhi B2C is not the key to the success of capital competition

Market trends China online retail forecast 2009-2012 "

report" released by Analysys International, 2009 China online retail market will reach 252 billion 600 million yuan, the market growth rate is higher than the C2C B2C. At the same time, B2C online shopping platform continues to increase, and access to a large number of venture capital.

media reported that "risk investors are crazy to B2C money, not afraid of their own hit wrong, afraid they don’t have a chance to hit." However, the enthusiasm of investors at the same time, the bottleneck of the development of B2C site is also very obvious. Up to now, Jingdong, VANCL and other reputation outside the B2C site is still far from reaching the scale of profitability; Dangdang consecutive losses for 9 years, until last year announced earnings. read more

Business network to Juan CEO Shenzhen SAR in the future

City, the five session of the National People’s Congress meeting closed yesterday. The emergence of a city government leadership will greatly affect the future of the city. Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the 30 anniversary of the establishment of a special node, the personnel structure is undoubtedly essential for future development. The emergence of the new municipal government leadership, so that people on the legendary city of Shenzhen is full of expectations. The new leadership of the municipal government not only has the characteristics of young and professional, but also presents the characteristics of old and new, old and new combination. From the perspective of Shenzhen’s development strategy, the election results can be described as inspiring. read more

Mobile electricity supplier and the traditional electricity supplier who does not exist who replace

small cell phone, is carrying the daily life of the track: sign, micro-blog, mobile shopping, games, reading, etc.. Life is moving more and more, and even moving into life itself. And through mobile shopping has become a new consumer habits.

according to the report, the mobile provider market size has increased year by year, as of December 2012, China Mobile e-commerce market reached 96 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 135%, is expected in 2013 this figure is expected to reach 130 billion yuan. With the mobile Internet coverage of people’s life and work in all aspects of business, mobile technology has been a trend which cannot be halted. read more

Jingdong reached a cooperation with ntel to use real sense technology to kill Ali

said that the electricity supplier dispute Alibaba and Jingdong is actually the competition of logistics, the logistics efficiency and cost control who can better, who can become the final winner.

it seems that Intel also want to wade this muddy water. Intel information technology summit held in Shenzhen, Intel CEO division and then announced a partnership with Jingdong, the use of Intel’s real sense of technology to enhance the efficiency of warehousing management Jingdong.

today, I would like to announce that the Jingdong will achieve cooperation with Intel, to strengthen their warehouse management "with a real sense of technology, and then the odd branch said," we are helping them to develop a prototype of innovation to manage their warehouse". read more

Under the kitchen B round of 30 million financing Jingdong shares

July 15th news, informed of the latest, "kitchen" delicacy family community announced the completion of $30 million B round of financing, the CRE capital lead investor, Jingdong with investment, A round of investment capital letter Zhi, LIAN source to continue with the vote.

billion state power network to understand, at the beginning of 2015, the kitchen APP officially launched "market channel", from the community to the new menu content business platform, the kitchen has become the domestic and foreign food and kitchen electric entrance selection. At present, the average daily order volume has more than 10000 single, and are the original community traffic conversion. read more